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Ludens offers responsible care that contributes to a wholesome and healthy development of children in a safe environment. Our aim is to offer children emotional security, giving them opportunities to develop their personal and social skills and the chance to acquire the values and standards of our society. 

At Ludens we look at the children standing before us

Ludens sees children as unique, competent and creative: children have so much potential and capability!

The perspective of our pedagogics starts with all a child already is and will be capable of, rich in possibilities to express themselves. We offer children a safe environment in which they can explore the world at their own pace.

A place to observe this world, contemplate and to explore solutions by themselves for problems that arise in their world.

We think it is wonderful for a child to experiment, to experience, to play, to explore and above all to do.

To realize that you are being seen as a child and that you are really being heard. That there is much positive attention for you and also that clear boundaries are being set. And that we keep looking for win-win solutions.

We offer a place where children can be together, where they learn to make joint decisions and to develop a respect for everyone who appears different.

Where they learn to take responsibility and feel connected to each other.

An environment where children are guided by our pedagogic staff who show a believe in them and acts as an example from which they can learn and perform their work with heart and soul.

Who are stimulating the children on a daily basis:

“Try it, you can do it!”


Pedagogical Policy

Ludens has formulated a General Pedagogical Policy (2012-2015) based on the Growth Chart. Using this General Policy as a basis, each of our daycare centres and out-of-school care centres maintain their own pedagogical policy in which the daily routine is described.

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