Out-of-School Care Centre Dino - BSO Dino

BSO Dino is for children in the age range of 4 to 13 and is located around the corner of the Notenboom School. Children of the different schools in the neighbourhood are picked up by the enthusiastic staff, and they walk together to BSO Dino. There are four fixed groups of which two are for preschoolers, one group for 6 to 8 years old and one group for children of 8 years and older. Dino has many possibilities for fun activities and offers many challenges for all phases and ages.

There is a kitchen where children can cook, a gym with a climbing wall and mats, a studio for crafting and painting, as well as a carpentry shed. There are beautiful paintings and craftworks everywhere made by the children.

Creative activities

During meal and snack times, children share their experiences of school, after which we provide a variety of interesting activities, primarily focused on creativity. Many children are creative and work alone or together on a large piece of work. Of course, children are free to participate in other activities, such as reading books in peace and quiet, carpentry or painting.










Every day, children play outside in the big shielded outdoor area which offers many playing options like digging in the ground, building huts, playing basketball in one of the playgrounds, hiding in the bushes and playing in the sandpit.


Contact information Dino


Burg. Fockema Andreaelaan 11





Renate Haasnoot


030- 820 07 17 / 06-43779583



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