Application and registration procedure

How do I increase my chances of getting a place in daycare?
It will be helpful if you are flexible. The days which are highest in demand are Tuesdays and Thursdays. For daycare centres in and around the city centre of Utrecht there is much demand for these popular days, so we can not meet all requests. By choosing more alternative locations from Ludens, and/or choosing Wednesday and Friday as your daycare days, chances of daycare offer will be higher. There are locations just outside the city centre, such as KDV Jonas and KDV Lunetten, where there is more room for new children. You can register for 3 locations and it is possible to change your preferences later. The original registration date won’t change.

Canceling childcare and term of notice

Both parties can withdraw from the childcare agreement by writing or email with a 1 month notice. The Information & Placement department will send you a confirmation stating the end date within five working days after receiving the notice. An agreement starts and ends with a whole week. The agreement for daycare ends automatically on the 4th birthday of your child.The agreement for after-school care does not end automatically and must be cancelled by yourself. 

How can I change or extend the days of childcare?

In case you wish to change or extend the days, you can contact us by phone 030-2567070 or send us an email.

Cancelling one or more days is only possible when we receive your request in writing. You can send a message by email to: ip@ludens.nl. For cancellations, 1 month notice is required.

Childcare Benefit - Kinderopvangtoeslag

When your child is going to a nursery you may be eligible for a childcare benefit. This is a subsidy to help cover the costs of childcare. In order to receive childcare benefit, both you and your benefit partner must be employed or studying.

For more information and to apply for a childcare benefit, please visit the website of the Tax and Customs Administration.

About Ludens

Which days is Ludens closed (earlier)?

 Days closed in 2016 

  All our locations are closed on the following days: 

  New Years’s Day

  Friday 1 January

  Easter Monday 

  Monday 28 March 

 Studyday Ludens 

  Friday 8 April 

  King's Day

  Wednesday 27 April

  Ascension Day

  Thursday 5 May

  Whit Monday

  Monday 16 May 

  Boxing Day

  Monday 26 December


All our locations are closed at 17:00 on the following day:   

  St Nicolas' Eve

  Monday 5 December

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