Daycare Centre 't Klavertje

Daycare Centre 't Klavertje has a large, beautiful garden and is located in the former Aloysius House monastery. We have ten horizontal groups where children of the same age and development stage play together. Because children learn a lot from both older and younger children, toddlers often visit the baby groups and vice versa. Children enjoy this and find this very interesting.

Playing outside

The big garden of Daycare Centre 't Klavertje is full of surprises and offers many challenges. There is a slide, playhouse, picnic tables, bouncing chickens, a sandpit, swings, tubes to crawl through, and even a swimming pool! Infants and toddlers can play freely: climbing, cycling, running or playing in the sand. We also play many interactive games with the children. When the weather is nice, the youngest children can play on the roof terrace with the water stream or cool off in the inflatable pool. Every day the children help maintain our vegetable garden taking care of vegetables like carrots and beans.

About the groups

Children take turns to help and decide with the daily routine. These "helping hands" may help with activities, set the table and come along to do some groceries. This way we encourage the independence of children. Children in the baby groups are also encouraged by filling the basket in the shop and climbing on the changing table themselves. We also encourage children to look for solutions. For example, when two children want to play with a car at the same time. A big advantage is that this also promotes an ability to cope independently.
The groups are arranged in a way that children can explore and experience many things. The children can pick up the toys themselves and clean up. We sing a cleanup-song together to make cleaning more fun. We also do many active games and craft.

Annual Feasts

We extensively celebrate all the traditional Dutch feasts. With Sinterklaas we read stories, sing songs and build Sinterklaas-related handicraft. Of course, all children will be placing their shoes and celebrate together with Sinterklaas. With Easter and Christmas we enjoy a nice breakfast together with all the children. The Blossem Festival is jointly celebrated with all parents and children at playground 'De Bloesem’.

Bilingual Group

Daycare Centre ’t Klavertje is starting a bilingual group in March 2014. A Dutch and an English speaking daycare teacher work on the group. They always speak in their native language with the children. Of course, children are free to speak the language they wish to speak.

When a child will attend (international) school soon and he/she will need more guidance in mastering the Dutch or English language, pronunciation or certain sounds, more attention will be paid by play in reading more often, singing or playing with pronunciation. You can read more about our method in the appendix, pedagogical plan of action bilingual group.

You can register your child(ren) by filling in our registration form. Make sure that you mention “Bilingual group” in the part “Aanvullingen”. 


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  Abstederdijk 303,  3582 BK  UTRECHT


  Ellen van Heugten


  030 - 820 07 88


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